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STORAGE and Warehousing

We store your products that you want to store in the United Kingdom in areas specially defined for you. After counting and checking your products, we inform you about your products. You can track your products from your warehouse management system panel. We follow all processes such as storage, packaging, take-back on your behalf before you come to the United Kingdom. You focus on your sales, we will send your products safely to your customers.


We prepare your products that you want to send to Amazon warehouses in accordance with Amazon standards. We do all your operations such as product control, product bundling, labeling etc. within 24 hours. Besides, we repack the deformed packages.


We dispatch your sales from UK marketplaces, especially Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, for you daily. Thanks to our integration system, you can automatically pull all the products you want out of our warehouse, and make special requests for each product. Our dropshipping customers can use all their unlimited products as intermediate warehouses and send them to your customers after re-labeling. In this way, we enable you to send to all over the world thanks to our fulfilment services.


You can also use our warehouse as a return address. We check your incoming return products and store them in the return section reserved for you. You can re-label and ship your returned items that are in salable condition to amazon or open for sale from our warehouse.



Prıvate Label & Wholesale Prep

Receiving and checking of your products if are in good condition and prepare them to be FBA ready. Quality check included.

Arbıtrage Prep

Checking your products if are in good condition and prepare or bundle them, to be FBA ready

Returns processıng from Amazon

We will be your returns address and provide photos and grading on each product as: New, Used or Damaged

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