Ecommerce Fulfillment Pricing


Ecommerce Fulfillment Pricing


eCommerce Fulfillment Pricing


At Ukfulfillment, we offer complete order fulfillment and supply chain management solutions. Thanks to our extensive and expanding global order fulfillment network, we offer the most competitive prices in the industry. You can request a customized fulfillment solution according to your needs and budget.


What is a 3PL provider?

A 3PL provider is defined as any company that provides outsourced logistics services. Services offered from a 3PL may include procurement, production, warehousing, distribution, shipping, asset management or any combination of these and other logistics related services.


What is an order fulfillment provider?

While a 3PL covers a wide variety of logistics services and providers, an order fulfillment provider is defined as a company that performs tasks specifically related to the selection, packaging, and dispatch of customer orders. An order fulfillment provider usually stores products on behalf of their customers. Once the orders are received from their customers, the order fulfillment provider will select the products from the warehouse racks, pack them into a shipping container, and then prepare the pickup order from shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS. Order fulfillment providers can handle a range of order types, but when it comes to eFulfillment Service, we mainly work with eCommerce vendors and ship small packages directly to consumers. Fulfillment is a vital part of every eCommerce company’s supply chain. You may be selling the best product in the world, but if you don’t meet customer expectations for delivery and shipping, your business could run into trouble. According to a MetaPack report, 38% of customers are likely to never again shop with a retailer after a negative delivery experience. With the most popular online retailers offering two-day shipping and free shipping options, customers expect both fast and affordable shipping at the click of a button. With customer expectations so high, fulfilling your orders in-house can seem daunting and expensive. Logistical costs between packaging materials and shipping materials, warehouse management, machine rental and labor costs, and training can make fulfilling orders in-house expensive and unsustainable. This third-party logistics (3PL) revenue from years.


What are the order fulfillment costs?

Order fulfillment costs; 

Total fees and expenses calculated for everything including receiving, storage, processing, picking, packing and shipping orders and inventory. Common retail fulfillment costs vary by provider, pricing patterns, and any additional services. 

A 3PL is a logistics service provider that allows merchants to outsource order fulfillment that includes warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment. 3PLs deal with all fulfillment-related tasks that can often be too costly and inefficient to manage in-house. Partnering with a 3PL can help your business save fulfillment costs and time and instead free up resources to focus on product development, marketing, and business growth. 

Ecommerce Fulfillment Pricing 

However, not all 3PLs are created equal, especially when it comes to digital fulfillment pricing models and 3PL costs. To help you understand which 3PL is best for your eCommerce business, it is important that you are familiar with the different spending and pricing patterns involved. Read on to learn how to calculate order fulfillment costs for your eCommerce business.


How is shipping cost per order calculated?

Fulfillment costs vary depending on which 3PL you partner with and the pricing model, but standard picking and packing fees typically start at around $ 0.20 per selection. Besides the pick-up and packing charges, there are other costs to consider when looking at the complete order fulfillment process. 

To calculate the total fulfillment costs, you need to add the following charges:


Take, store and manage e-commerce inventory

Pick, pack and transport orders

Standard packaging.

Placement (if applicable).

Returns management and processing

Total order fulfillment cost


Ukprefulfillment pricing model reflects the total cost of fulfillment for standard, direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. This pricing model simplifies fulfillment costs by only charging for purchasing, monthly inventory storage and shipping, rather than confusing your invoice with line items or hidden charges. Standard picking and packaging does not require additional costs. This simple pricing model helps retailers avoid any hidden fees or surprise costs in the order fulfillment process.


Amazon fulfillment (FBA), a fulfillment service for products sold on the Amazon marketplace and fulfilled by Amazon, uses a unique pricing model Amazon may charge discounted order fulfillment fees as it supposedly charges a seller fee from each sale. Merchant fees mean that merchants usually make less profit with each sale than they would get by selling on their website. Sellers also lose the ability to highlight their brands when they ship via FBA – all packages are shipped in Amazon branded boxes and all customer experience and communication takes place via Amazon. Amazon also charges additional long-term storage fees for inventory that is not sold within a certain period of time. Amazon FBA costs are complex and vary depending on the season, product type, size, and a variety of other factors.


Pick and Pack

As the name suggests, the take-and-pack pricing model includes the fees for each item selected in the process of putting together an order. The picking and packing fee is essentially there for companies to track and charge every touchpoint in the completion lifecycle of a package. For each selection, there is usually a selection fee of £0.3 to £4.00 depending on the fulfillment centre These fulfillment costs can increase rapidly if you submit multiple items in one order.

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We support e-commerce businesses and individuals all around the world. We are the experts with all fulfillment operations they need.
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We support e-commerce businesses and individuals all around the world. We are the experts with all fulfillment operations they need.
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