In recent years, e-commerce has become even more popular. Especially in the UK, British shoppers tend to spend a lot of money online in marketplaces. In fact, 900 GBP on average is the amount of money spent by each British person in online marketplace. This is quite a big number, from the viewpoint of e-commerce online market companies considering the UK has a population of 67 million! Yes, best selling sites UK are quite advantageous at this point. If you are looking for marketplaces to sell on, continue reading…


Online sales have been growing at a rapid rate in recent years as well. When compared to offline sales in growth, online sales have improved a lot. Actually, online shopping had more than eleven times the growth offline shopping had in 2020. In addition, the UK has one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world- also the biggest in Europe. No need to mention, you can see how serious the UK e-commerce market is! Here we have prepared a detailed & up to date 2022 list of the best online selling sites UK for you.

Online Market: Definition

Not every e-commerce website is considered an online marketplace, however. There are two characteristics that make an e-commerce site a marketplace. One of which is that there should be buyers and sellers in high numbers using the site to trade. So yes, if you are trying to sell your products not in a well-known online selling platforms, you can not claim you have a business about e-commerce marketplace. First, you have to assure that your activities are present in the largest e-commerce marketplaces to sell on.


The other one is that buyers should be able to complete their shopping on the website or the application. The key point here is that the customers use only one platform in all the processes. This provides reliability and comfort to both the customers and the online shop marketplace product sellers.


Marketplaces are One of the Key Components of 21st Century!

People have the chance to find everything in one platform easily from the comfort of your home thanks to marketplace online websites. Instead of having to walk for long ways and browse different stores to find what you are looking for…  Online market websites provide  all you need.


An online market can also provide you with stocks from different stores. This advantage plays a big role in its popularity. The fact that more than 2.6 trillion USD was spent on just 100 top marketplaces to sell on globally shows us the power of online shopping. Especially in the last years, it has become even more powerful. Plus, the story isn’t over! Iit continues this growth each day.

Online Marketplace Websites

Amazon and eBay are the leading companies in the online marketplace in the UK. They were started to become the leaders of the sector when no one could thought of creating such platforms! Etsy and Wayfair are also notably popular in the area. Amazon is by far the most popular, only eBay is able to come close to it. The amount of visitors Amazon and eBay get is unmatched.

Best Selling Sites in the UK Marketplaces

We have created a list of best selling sites in the UK exclusively for our followers. The list includes the information gained from previous researches and the overall views on the online marketplaces…

#1 Amazon

Amazon is a global marketplace that sells generic products. It is a well-known and global company. In the UK, Amazon gets more than 474 million visits per month. This is a huge number, especially considering the fact that the UK has a population of 67 million! These numbers are quite impressive. Though it comes as no surprise, if you consider the success of Amazon in western countries. Being in the first on the list of popular marketplaces worldwide, Amazon ensures the trust of potential buyers. With such a high number of visitors, Amazon has big advantages as a market place online when you decide to sell online.

#2 eBay

Another American global marketplace with a general product category, eBay gets 279 million monthly visits in the UK. eBay was able to make 10.27 billion USD globally in 2020. Having such impressive numbers, eBay is the only marketplace to come close to Amazon in the UK in terms of visitors. We can even claim that they have a good competition! The main advantages when selling are the same as Amazon, though with fewer visitors. Plus, selling fees are lower than those of Amazon. Being one of the best UK selling sites, it is an online marketplace we like a lot.

#3 Etsy

A global mainly crafts marketplace Etsy, gets 48 million visits from the UK per month. Though 48 million is a considerable amount, the gap between the first two on the list and Etsy is huge. Etsy is more focused on crafts. Handcrafted items are one of the main stuff to find there. Listing fees when selling are very clear and easy to use on this online market. If you produce your own stuff by paying a great effort, Etsy can be one of the best marketplaces for you!

#4 OnBuy

The first site on the list to target the UK only! Just like Amazon, the online marketplace UK website has generic products. The site is not as old as other generic e-commerce sites. OnBuy was founded in 2014 and started its operations in 2016. Though being nowhere near Amazon’s number with 9.9 million visitors per month, the site managed to gain a loyal customer base. The British alternative to Amazon managed to do all these in just 4 years as well. Their aim is to expand into different countries. They are claiming to be the fastest-growing online market in the world. They also have the advantage of being local in the UK. If we would prepare a list of online marketplaces UK, surely we would put OnBuy in the first place!


#5 Wayfair

The first non-global marketplace on our list is Wayfair. The furniture and home goods website targets North America and Europe. Despite having such a specific category of items, Wayfair gets 20.15 million visits per month in the UK. The average shopping basket worth on Wayfair is higher than on most other sites. Wayfair, number four on the list, brought impressive revenue of 14.15 billion USD in 2020. The main advantage you get when selling on Wayfair is the relatively less competition.


#6 Zalando

The marketplace focused on fashion is based in Germany. Zalando is available in Europe and gets 6.27 million visits from the UK every month. Zalando is the biggest online marketplace in fashion category in Europe. This is one of the marketplaces to sell on which has a lot of potential in the UK, and it has been growing very rapidly. Getting used to the marketplace before it reaches its full potential might be beneficial for sellers!


#7 ManoMano

The gardening, DIY, homeware, and crafts in this market place gets 4 million visits per month! Located in France, the website provides its services for Europe only. Just like OnBuy, it was launched in 2016 in the UK. The main advantage you get from ManoMano is that customers are more likely to buy since the category is niche.


#8 Fruugo is also one of the top marketplaces and best selling platforms UK. It has a wide range of product which consists of more than 10.000.000, and brands more than 20.000! Plus, this marketplace is among top online marketplaces which offers good agreements with companies. If you are looking for a market place UK to ship worldwide, you can prefer It offers exactly what you need with its reliability.


#9 Faire



The Advantages of Online Marketplaces to Sell On

Online marketplaces to sell on can help with your sales a lot in various aspects. Still, they may not provide the possibilities your own independent show might. By having your own independent shop you can be more in control. Since you are your own shop, you can use your own branding freely.

With online marketplaces to sell on, you have to know the technical features of the app or the website very well. Your own site has advantages such as being in charge of details like the packaging of the product, freely set your prices, and have things your way in many ways. It is possible to get more data on your sales as well, this can help you improve and grow even faster, too. From another point of view, direct contact you can possibly have with your customers can also mean a better brand image.


With your own independent online shop, you can be fully in control, however getting sales might be harder. The shipment times and costs can also be a problem for you when you own an independent online shop.

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We support e-commerce businesses and individuals all around the world. We are the experts with all fulfillment operations they need.
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We support e-commerce businesses and individuals all around the world. We are the experts with all fulfillment operations they need.
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